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Curriculum Vitae

I'm Tanya. I live to create visual art.

I have spent the last year illustrating two children's books, one is written by a fellow author, and one is written by me. 

Laura Sidsworth is the author of Spoiled Pink.  My children's story is entitled Animal Gangs.

I am for hire: illustrations, pet portraits, see examples of my art see the portfolio section.  To purchase books featuring my art see the shop section.


More stuff about me...

I work from my home studio in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California

and sell original works and prints from a local Boulder Creek store specializing in antiques, art, and gifts.  If you find any illustrations you like, whether from the portfolio page or any of my books, feel free to enquire about purchasing them. 

I also sell on Etsy though currently have mostly hand-crafted 14k nose jewelry listed, (long story.)

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