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Here is where you'll find stories...

I am an illustrator. For the past 9 months I've been working on stories for children, just so I can illustrate them. I was not very good at the writing part- the imagination was there, but I learned from a couple of professional editors about format and what qualities a publishable story must have.

The website I hired editors from is called Reedsy. Every week they conduct a writing competition. They give you 5 prompts- story ideas that is- you write a short story (under 3,000 words) based on the prompt and submit it. There are over 1,000 stories submitted each week, the winner gets a small cash award and the stories remain published on the website.

I have been writing the weekly stories since March and don't stand a chance of winning but I've learned so much and my writing is getting better all the time. I do it for practice. And because it's fun. It's a lot more fun when people actually read the shorts.

I started posting them to Facebook but since I personally don't have much time to Facebook, I figure many of my friends don't either. Plus, I found that friends were having a hard time opening some of the links to Reedsy.

Then the bulb went on and I thought, "Wait a minute! I have a website with a Blog! Aha!"

So now, friends, neighbors, perhaps some cats, will be able to read my weekly stories here.

As always, I'm grateful to those who take the time to read them- Thank you.

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