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The Hat Thief

Note: This was a challenge from another website: a 250 word challenge- yikes! Most of my stories I have to crop to fit the 3000 word minimum.

Here it is:

Clouds of dust poufed from the filthy ragamuffin’s feet as they pounded down the path through the park. ‘Birthday

parties are the best!’ he thought as he entered the forest, a black top hat in his grimy mitts.

Park parties presented mothers distracted by tantrumming brats and dashing young magicians. The magician today had

been distracted himself, by a lovely blonde mother complimenting his wavy dark hair.

‘This fine hat is surely of silk,’ thought the boy, ‘It’ll fetch a bonny price.’ He daydreamed of meat for supper.

As usual, the overweight park-coppers in pursuit were winded quickly and lost him in the woods. The nimble-footed

thief zig-zagged around trees and dodged low branches.

Suddenly, a rabbit popped out from the hat like a fluffy-white jack in the box!

“Huh?!” The startled boy grunted in shocked surprise. He looked back up again but was too late to dodge the wicked branch.

The onlookers shook their heads sadly. More than one vomited. Children’s eyes were covered.

The body of the boy was hideous. The branch had taken his eye and plunged forward, into his grey matter. He was

pinned like a moth on a collector’s tray.

The pretty blonde mother said, “Tsk tsk. Another Eastside lad doomed to a life of thievery.”

“And bound to die a grisly death.” Replied the magician, prying his hat from the impaled boy’s hands.

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